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Enhancing the company culture is at the heart of AIT


As founder and chairman emeritus of AIT Laboratories, it is my responsibility to be the “Keeper of the Culture.” What does that mean? It means that I establish the standard for the company when it comes to culture and how employees and clients can expect to be treated. As our mission statement says, “Our services are provided with integrity and quality by employees encouraged with dignity and respect.”  That is the core of our culture – integrity, dignity, and respect.

AIT is a legacy company. I wanted to build something that will live long after I’m gone, something founded on the values and purpose contained in our mission statement. To be a truly successful company it must have a winning culture with values that carry beyond profit and loss. Know what your values are and live by them every day. This requires being honest with yourself and what you expect to get from your business. If recognition is important to you, then own it and don’t apologize for your reserved space in the company parking lot. If you value the employees who work for you, show it in your actions. I’ve seen business leaders claim their staff is important to them, but when you examine the company’s internal policies and structure, the behavior and actions are not consistent with the message. Values should always live in behavior—in business and in life. Send a message and never stop repeating it.

I always say that the best investment a company can make is in its employees. At AIT, we live by that every day.





Michael A. Evans, Ph.D.
Founder and Chairman Emeritus

AIT cultural initiatives include:

  • "Corporate Update” Sessions: AIT's Executive Leadership Team meets quarterly with employees to share the financials of the company and their vision for the company’s future.
  • Contributions Committee:  The committee supports efforts in the areas of community outreach, fundraising, collection of employee donations, and raising awareness.  

To see the types of cultural awards AIT has received, click here. 

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